VW Beetle Convertible 1303 year 1976

The first LEGRAND 1/8 Collection Model Kit by LEMKE Collection is an absolute classic among classic cars. The cult car VW Beetle convertible 1303 from 1976 is worldwide loved and known as „Everybody’s-Darling“. The series production was never made directly at Volkswagen, but in cooperation with the bodywork companies Hebmüller from Wuppertal and Karmann from Osnabrück. In the convertible, the open top lay on the body, whereby the rear trunk was preserved and the engine flap kept the shape of the sedan hood. On 10 January 1980, the last Beetle Convertible ran off the line. In total, Karmann built 331,847 Beetle convertibles.


LEGRAND 1/8 kits are made from high quality materials. The body of the approximately 5 kg heavy model is made of die-cast metal and is already painted. The kit of more than 500 parts is easy to assemble and contains parts made of different materials such as metal, rubber, textiles and high-quality plastic. Most components are screwed and plugged. For only a few parts, gluing with a model adhesive is recommended. According to the original, the steering, suspension and the convertible top are functional and also doors, flaps and even windows can be opened.

Art. LE100 – Sunny yellow (Limited to 500 pcs.)

Incl. limited vintage metal sign for collection.

Art. LE101 – Vipergreen metallic (Limited to 500 pcs.)

VW Beetle Convertible 1303 with 4-cylinder boxer engine scale 1/8

• Kit contains more than 500 pcs.

• Measurements LxWxH mm: 520 x 200 x 205 (incl. Antenna)

• Weight: approx. 5 kg

• Easy to assemble, many srewed parts

• Incl. screw box and screwdriver with magnetic head

• Carbody made of die-cast, ready painted



• Kit contains more than 600 pcs.

Measurements LxWxH mm: 540 x 200 x 150.

Weight: approx. 7 kg.

Easy to assemble, many srewed parts

Incl. screw box and screwdriver with magnetic head.

Carbody made of die-cast, ready painted.

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